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Well, the next few months are going to be Halloween favorite Holiday and time of year...My art room is a mess though. Since we moved to this new place, it's great because it used to be 2 apartments ..but we rented it as a whole unit and I have my own kitchen in the basement...and i turned it into my art studio. But its set up sort of weird because I also have the washer and dryer and a stove in there. The stone rules because i can bake my sculpey stuff right there....and I do seem to get a lot more laundry done! lol. =)
Ive got a long table in the middle of the kitchen with my sewing machine on it and other does work...but one day I would like a REAL art studio..but lets not be too greedy ..=)..this is a great set up. Ive even got a fridge ....=) I may never leave my studio. haha.

Anyway, keep an eye out for new dolls and dolls and art will be on etsy, ebay and the website.

Currently I am involved in a show called Deviant Dolls at a gallery in Jacksonville,Ill.
With other doll artists like Shain Erin, and Beth Robinson of Strange i could be there!  Maybe next year.

Anyway...thanks for everyones support over the years...xoxoxoxo to all.

  • Listening to: the dears,the stars,michael nyman,whitestripes,u2
  • Reading: insomnia by stephen king
  • Watching: ghosthunters,mosthaunted,trueblood!
  • Playing: scrabble online in the middle of
  • Eating: lots of popice..yummy!
  • Drinking: lots of coffee...yummier!
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Submitted on
July 8, 2009